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  • Our Core Values

    Innovative, Teamwork, Quality, Responsiveness

  • Our Vision

    To be the best company that provides a high quality, and innovative solutions, on time.

  • Our Mission

    In striving to enhance shareholders’ value and achieve our vision, we seek to:

    Develop and utilize local expertise;
    Promote innovation in all aspects of our business;
    Enhance our quality of product and services;


Our solution is web based, it’s easy to learn and to use. And you can access it anywhere, anytime.


Cut the red-tape out, and improve your daily productivity by collaborating with other colleague within your organisation seamlessly.


Lets our solution integrate your routine task within a single console. From simple dashboard but yet so informative, to detail operational data, it’s all integrated.

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Resolving Back End Issue

Operation & Support System (OSS) normally reside in the backend of the service provider. It help organisation to automate and manage their entire service. Radicalbox’s earlier customer is started with this kind of environment. Complex and require a lot of integration.

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"It come in aid of IT Managers by offering them exactly what they want to resolve their operational issues." - Meor

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Packed Full of Powerful Features

Our core model, Business Operation Xtension (BOX), improve the operation visibility by enhancing the business process. It wraps operation entities into a single integrated portal which can be access anywhere, anytime.

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